Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lúc Lác

I had someone visit me in Portland and we hung out around downtown. It was fun, then we were hungry and earlier I had seen a food cart that was selling bahn mi so I wanted to go back there and get it.
It ended up that we could find our way back to the food pod so we just looked for some other place nearbye and found Lúc Lác. It was some sort of way too hip Vietnamese place which was weird. It seemed to have a pretty cute happy hour going on though the cocktails were like $9 and pretty small...

I got the bahn mi, even though it was $7 when they usually go for about $4. It was pretty good though, instead of pate it was some yellow sauce which was tasty.

My friend's Pho, it was also pretty good.

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  1. Looks supper yummy!

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